Joel W. Stutz, AuD

Liscensed Audiologist

Joel W. Stutz, AuD

Licensed Audiologist

ENT Centers of Excellence is excited to welcome licensed audiologist Joel W. Stutz, AuD, to the ENT Team! Dr. Stutz’s educational career started at Central Michigan University, where he earned his Bachelor’s degree in Communication Disorders. He then received his Master’s degree in Audiology at Central Michigan. After completing his Master’s program, Dr. Stutz interned at the University of Iowa Hospital, providing audiological services for hospital patients, and participated in the New Born Audiological screening program. Dr. Stutz then began his career at Michigan Audiological Processing Services (MOSA), where he worked as a clinical audiologist and served as clinical director. He oversaw the clinical and financial operations of the Audiology department as well as provided comprehensive professional audiological services for his patients. In 2002, Dr. Stutz returned to school to earn his doctorate in Audiology from the University of Florida. Then in 2005, Dr. Stutz became the CEO/President of Michigan Audiological Processing Services, LLC., where he continued to provide comprehensive Auditory Processing Testing and Rehabilitation services to the pediatric and adult community. Dr. Stutz and his wife moved to Baldwin County in 2022 after being the clinical director of MOSA for 25 years. He then was a clinical audiologist for a year in Baldwin County before joining the ENT Centers of Excellence team